T1 Line Service Level Agreement

Whenever we buy some product or subscribe to a particular service, we expect flawless 24×7 functioning from it, and a T1 line service level agreement is for this very purpose. Like any other service level agreement, a T1 line service level agreement is a guarantee of quality of a T1 line service from the service provider. A T1 line service level agreement guarantees reliable, fast internet connection without any disturbance, fluctuation or distortion in signal.

There are several service levels of a T1 line depending on the needs of customers, diving in egypt both for personal and business purposes.

Data T1 line: This line supports 10 to 75 users with a speed of 1.544 Mbps. This line is specifically used for data handling and high speed data transfer from point to point in an office. It provides high bandwidth for speedy internet connection.

Full T1 line: It provides a high speed of 1.544 Mbps, but this line can be used either for data or for voice at a particular time. Both the services cannot be used simultaneously.

Integrated T1 line: One of the most popular T1 lines, integrated T1 line provides access to long distance and local voice calls and also full access to internet simultaneously. From the 24 digital channels you can choose how many to reserve for voice calls and how many to be used for accessing the internet. Using a single digital circuit for voice and data transfers, integrated T1 line offers maximum productivity at the most reasonable rate.

Fractional T1 line: It uses only a portion of the total bandwidth for only a part of the rate of a total T1 line. Users can choose from different bandwidth speed configurations.

Bonded T1 line: Suitable for businesses needing constant connectivity, it has several bonded T1 lines. It offers the bandwidth of several T1 lines through a single bonded line, รับเพิ่มยอดติดตามไลน์ resulting much higher speed and connectivity.

Point to point T1 line: This line connects several offices in separate locations enabling looping and sharing for two ends.

Voice T1 line: It provides access to local, regional and international calls all at once handling up to 24 calls at a time.

With so many service levels available, a T1 line service level agreement becomes all the more necessary because it ensures continuity of service and high speed connections at all time. Often during a storm or due to excessive snowing, the lines can get snapped. A T1 line service level agreement assures quick repair of lines for providing continuous quality service. And if any kind of disruptions occur, the service provider shall even provide compensation.


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