Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising or Search Directories

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be very technically challenging for many website owners. Google AdWords might be to expensive buying Pay-Per-Click traffic. So what other options do website owners have? They might consider Search Directories as a method of generating traffic for their website. 360directory

What is the Difference Between Search Engines and Search Directories?

Google and other Search Engines help users find helpful information on most any subject. Search Engines use an automated tool called a spider or robot that scan millions of relevant website pages based on keywords entered in the search box by the user. Then the search engine displays the search results in the organic listings. Breathingsocial

A Search Directory catalogs websites and organizes them by categories. This allows users to easily browse for the information they need. Most of the best directories are organized by people who discover new sites and add them into the directory. Many directories allow a website owner to submit their website listing into a directory.

The information most often entered into a directory is the website or business name, Idealbiz web address, business phone number, location and a description of the business. The most important element is the category the listing will appear in. Take as an example a landscaper. If the category “Landscaping” is available, then that is where the landscaper should place his information. If the best category is “Home & Garden” then that should be the one to use.

Many Search Directories offer a free listing and provide password protected access allowing the website owner to update and control the information of their listing. There are local directories like Patch, Merchant Circle, American Towns and City Search that allow users to search by a specific topic by category and location (town, Populardiary state or zip code).

There are National Directories like DMOZ stumblesites and Yahoo, as well as Specialty Directories for Dentist, Landscapers, Skiing Areas and many others. Many of these Specialty Directories do charge a fee to obtain a listing. But in most cases the price is reasonable.

Don’t forget one of the most powerful local directories, addbiz your local Chamber of Commerce?

If you provide local services within your community, you should join your local chamber and get your website listed on their website. In most cases, the new business that you will get from being in the Chamber’s directory alone will pay for the membership.

Various Search Directories to consider: powerbizdirectory

Biz Journals – Brown Book – City Search

City Squares – Discover our Town – DMOZ

EZ Local – Foursquare – Judy’s Book

Kudzu – – Magic Yellow – Manta

Merchant Circle – Mojo Pages – My Huckleberry

Super Media – Super Pages – Twibs

White Pages – Yellow Book – Yellow Pages

If you want to see what directories might be right for your business, เว็บสล็อต search Google using the phrase “Search Directories”. If you are looking for specialty directories, search Google using the phrase (your type of business) Directory. Example: “Landscaping Directory”

Why add your website to Search Directories?

Most of the national and local directories provide free listings. This means free traffic for your website. All you have to do is add your information.

Based on the search words used, many times a directory website will show up in a search engine results higher than any page on your website. If someone chooses to use the directory and you are not listed, you won’t get visitors to your website.


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