Portal 2 Game Review

Portal 2 is probably the best virtual game of 2011. Valve is well known for creating brilliant games, loveportal and Portal 2 is the latest in their long list of masterpieces. The Orange Box surprise probably brought Valve to the threshold of its brilliance in creating games. Every gamer loved it and very few could criticize any aspects of the game, for the simple reason there was nothing to criticize.

No one thought there would be a sequel and even Valve didn’t foresee on creating one. Their successful fate seemed sealed in the brilliance of The Orange Box and why fix something that ain’t broke? But alas, fejermegyemedia Valve saw the need to enhance an already flawless game and Portal 2 was born.

The character, Chell is an exciting and likeable person you will love to be. The humor is entertaining and will provide hours of fun for the whole family. Regardless of age, Portal 2 seems to cater for children and adults alike. The narrative is beautifully recorded in a lot of secrecy and hidden kreuzfahrt clues. The real brilliance of the game is that nothing is revealed to you and you need to look behind the red herrings and hidden clues. Some might think it frustrating to play a game which demands such great concentration but it’s quite easy to fathom out the puzzles.

Wheatley, films the talking robot is another magnificent character. You will enjoy his fabulous jokes and wise cracks as you fathom deeper into the game. His voice is captivating and all he says is exactly what you want to hear. Early in the game, it will be evident that Wheatley is someone you can easily fall in love with. Any gamer regardless of race, age or creed will definitely regard Wheatley as a hero, halbarat even though he lacks the heroic strength and resolve a hero requires.

The science facility where the game takes place is called Aperture. You are the only human alive and must venture into unknown territory that scares the living daylights out of anyone that is human. You can die easily if you fail to resolve the puzzles. Navigation is hard and your human brain must work overtime to ensure your survival. The best mode for the game is co-op, because then you have a friend to help you on your journey and it doesn’t feel so lonesome as you venture through the vast science facility that has no end. Your partner can help you solve the puzzles and avoid the pitfalls of a dangerous path. You will soon realize that on your own you may never solve these complex puzzles, but when you play co-op other humans can contribute greatly to the quest.

This game will remind you that video games are truly remarkable and can provide entertainment beyond belief. Portal 2 certainly made Valve a leader in this industry and will cement their future in gaming history.

You may want to play the original after finishing this game. Many game shops have taken it off the shelf, but if you can still find a copy, you won’t go far wrong in acquiring it for your collection. Together they make an awesome team and even if you played it in the past, it can rekindle your enthusiasm for video games. For more info please visit here:-https://xn--autklma-cza5c.com/ https://hetkoznapiegeszseg.hu/ www.threadFoolery.com www.uslandgrid.com


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