Not Capitalizing Your Name in Emails is a Bad Habit

Have you noticed that many people no longer capitalize their own name in emails? Perhaps you do this. But it is a really tragic and bad habit and the implications border a socialistic and communistic viewpoint, habitforge which is so dangerous for society. Of course this is a new trendy thing to do.

Some will say that they do it because they do not wish to appear conceited or make an excuse because it is easier to do. In fact they believe this sends a signal to others that they are approachable and not self-centered and believe everyone is equal. RedLasso

Yes, I understand that. But I also think when I see people do this that it is a complete “Spit in the Face” to those who work their butts off to go beyond the norm of society. It is putting everyone on a level playing field and degrading self in order to make a statement, louisvillecardinal but the very fact that you lower yourself to make the statement is a hypocritical way of saying; Look at Me, I am Great because I am NOT Conceited.

Of course this is also saying that someone who does capitalize their name is conceited. Well that is absolute Horse Manure. So, capitalize your name if you are worthy and if you are worthless then don’t. By the way if you are worthless, theconversationprism why should I waste my time talking to someone who believes they are of no value?

This whole issue of degrading self is absolute socialism conditioning and if you do it long enough you will actually believe it. If you believe you are unworthy, then you are right. And if not then forge ahead and do not fear what other might think of you if you are winner. duclarion

Not capitalizing your name is like you are saying “so what” to the individual and I am saying to that comment; I do not care what you think about the individual, I still value the individual and the whole, immigration medical doctor but the statement you are making by not capitalizing your own name well it is so socialistic and communistic. To say that the Individual does not matter; Because the individual DOES MATTER.

Capitalize your name always unless you are instant messaging and the rest of your message is all lower-case too. Raise the bar if you want to go far. Believe in your self and capitalize your name. My Gosh what would your parents think? I hope this article propels thought in 2007.


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