Bomb Threat Procedure

There are many procedures that must be in place for bomb threats, bombreport to maintain that all personal and company properties are safe and accounted for. To do this we will go over 5 of the main ones and managers and supervisors will add to it and go over these with their people.

1. On first contact with caller if threat is called in all radios and cells must be turn off. The person take the call must stay calm and write down every words said also must turn on the recorder at the moment the word bomb is said. Then they must notify superior with hand whybitcoinprice signal predetermined by them so that supervisor can contact security. They well need to turn off all electrical and radios in the building. Security must then start evacuation procedure. The supervisor must with in the first 3 minutes be on phone with local police to get the bomb squid in place. Once the call is over all written and recorded information of it must be taken out of building at that moment without any delay for any reason. Once security has evacuate the building they need to do room by room check for personal till police get there, under Ohio law they must at the point give control to local police and leave the build if directed.

2. Security must take a roll call outside of building that all personal is out and safe, ufa168live they should have had predetermined place to gather by their supervisors to make this easy. If any personal must leave their name and company id must be written down to insure we have knowledge of their where abouts, also they must not drive their cars till bomb squid has checked them. They must take all the written and recorded copies of call to the chief of the bomb squid. When the FBI get there this will allow us to keep a direct line of control on the available information. Under the Homeland Security Act all bombs threats or bombs found must be reported to them. (Homeland, 2009). We should keep a copy of all these documents for our records.

3. Once the bomb has been found we need to follow all bomb squid rules with question. Security well ask the bomb squid for written report showing they checked all cars and that no company property is taken with proper documentation.

4. After the building is released to us again security must go through every room and locker with the help of office personal to insure all company property is where it should be and that all computers are in place. Once this is done local police and the FBI as well as Homeland security well be asking for company personal records, we want to comply with them but must maintain employee privacy as well and company privacy. ( 2007).

5. After police and all government personal have left head of security as well CEO artistpose and VP well set down to make written records of what they know and have heard from anyone during the event. We well make arrangements for mental help for anyone in company that may need it due to this event. If a bomb was found we well go over every step that was possibly taken to get it into the building and rectify them.

6. The next day we well have open talks to anyone in the company that may have any ideas of who or how this happen. All security supervisors well give written reports on how each of officer reacted and how well they preformed. This is to both help them and see if we need new policies to both insure this does not happen again and if it does to make this procedure go faster and easier. Any outstanding people well be brought to the attention of all company personal to show the great work.

7. The company’s insurance and medical well have to be notified so we are covered by any lawsuits or personal injury cases. When employees return to work we must be careful how this is talked about, chronicleshub keep the great work done and good response in mind instead of any problems. These well help keep all employees more comfortable and at ease over the next few days till things get back to normal.


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